Saturday, July 4, 2009

Daddy's Treat

It has been such a nice day so far and it's only half over! This morning Josh and I got to sleep in again until almost 8:00..seems like this is becoming a trend on the weekends and I am definitely not complaining!

Since it is the 4th of July, we of course are planning on a BBQ and the traditional Venetian boat ride with mom, Gary and anyone else who shows up!! I will post pictures of that later tonight...for now our morning went something like this...

Cereal at 8:00-Caleb already fully celebrating his Independence with a crown he made in preschool yesterday..

As Josh commenced mowing the lawn and I commenced mowing the laundrey, the kids played for an hour or so..One of the games Ella likes to frequently play is "let's see what I can get away with" Now, understand here that Caleb is quite the understanding big brother when it comes to this game, but like everything else, there will be a day when Ella is not considered a baby, and still learning the basics, such as sharing... As you can see in the above picture, Ella loves Sammy and everyone who knows Sammy.. knows that Sammy is Caleb's and ALWAYS has been.. that is until today...

Josh had a great idea after witnessing the shy "what? who me?" looks that Ella was donning on her daddy this morning when we tried to simply explain that after breakfast Sammy would go back to Caleb...
We were going to Build-A-Bear! A Kennington youngster's delight..And as I recall one of Hannah's favorite things to do not that long ago... Hannah is Ella's aunt and just about 10 years older than her..Ella is in love with Hannah and asks me every morning where she is. I will capture it on an mpeg and attach now that I have this blog! Back to our excursion....

Ella was eager to see the selection and overwhelmed at the same time...but after careful consideration and LOTS of trial hugs, she chose a scruffy doggie..

After testing all the heart sounds, songs and lullabyes that can be installed in your custom bear, she decided against that.. a cloth heart and some fluff will do..So she waited patiently by the fluff machine until it was her tun to fill her bear..daddy helped her step on the pedal..

Once her bear was full, the heart was rubbed on Ella's heart for "a heart full of love", her eyes for "eyes that will always watch over her", her knees for "a lovely new friend that will always need her", and her mouth for "a lifetime of sweet kisses and words"..she carefully placed her checkered heart inside her doggie..

The final touches were placed on the little doggie as daddy purchased one additional accessory, Ella was sure to love.. a pair of pink "pretties" tied snugly around each one of her new furry friend's ears..

It was a wonderful experience.. that everyone enjoyed.. :) Last stop, THIRSTY'S, a wonderful smoothie shoppe at the mall that serves the best frozen treats.. the best part about THIRSTY'S smoothies is that there is absoulutely no dairy products added.. which is wonderful for Josh, who by the way IS bringing Sexy back!!

I had a great morning and look forward to posting tonight's events later... Thanks for stopping by!!

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