Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Days That Make It All Worth It...

For anyone who wants to know if the wii fit really does!! Check out Caleb! He not only bowls a 196 but has muscle fitness of ....well of the "red power ranger" :) I have no idea what thier names are.. I really think the only thing that he cared about at this point was that he had giant muscles.. I tweeted while we were in CVS about his cute comment.."Momma do you think anyone will know that they are not real??" *giggle* Well, of course I was not going to crush I said, I don't know honey, but one thing is for sure, I certainly won't tell anyone! :) He was so excited, he ran straight into the CVS and hollering "HI EVERYBODY" It was fantastic to watch the reactions of the other pharmacy could tell which ones have 4 years olds, which ones don't and the ones that never will! Of course ALL the grandmas giggled as well, probably thinking about how he reminded them of their grandson or something along those lines...(whatever it is you grandmas think about when you see an overly excited toddler) *wink*

So, we shopped for for what we needed all the while Caleb walking next to me like my protector!Sweet treasure .. makes a momma proud..

When we got to the line to pay, he had somewhere in all of the chatter about hellos..and his muscles that he forgot his manners and patience.. which at times can come in VERY small doses for a 4 year old (who has just spent an entire day at pre-school/daycare with a 1 1/2 hour scheduled nap (of which 30 min. he may have closed his eyes)..anyways the line started piling up and all of a sudden Caleb starts shouting.. LADY!! HEY LADY!! Come and take my money... the ladies behind me started laughing behind me as I tried to get Caleb to stop shouting.. he innocently hollered "Well, I need to get out of here, but we have to pay and she won't come and take my money..LADY.. LADDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Of course by this time the "lady" comes up to the counter looking half annoyed, which through me in to all time "put up your dukes mode" with her.. how dare she be annoyed with my sweet treasure that just was trying to purchase a thank you card for Nona and Papa Jim and a bottle of Tylenol for his daddy!

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHH... If you didn't quite get the mental picture by my well thought out story, call me, it was hilarious and absoulutely made my day!

I love being Caleb's momma.. not just on most days either.. every day!!


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