Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just Your Basic Blessing

This morning I was thrilled once again to sleep until after 8:00 a.m.! It seems like for the last year or so it would be a miracle if I got to sleep past 6:00 a.m., not because I would just wake up for no reason, but one of the little treasures needed me. It was a constant until I just got used to stepping out of my comfortable tempurpedic to refill a water cup, warm up a bottle of milk, turn on the bathroom light, find a lost Mr. Bear, change a dirty diaper, let the dog out to pee or hush the waning of my cat (for some reason, he howls in the morning.. it's almost like having a rooster, only not :) )

And in our house it's more of a domino effect... one.. Caleb-two...Cat-three...Ella-scratch, scratch, scratch (Bonnie's nails tap dancing on our floors)- then it's Caleb again...Ella...(Milk... Milk....Caleb... Momma! Mommaaaaaaaaa! .....all the while Cat whaning.... weeeooooooowwwwhhhhhhh at the back door..

I am hoping by now ya'll have a very good picture of what my 6:00 a.m. sounds like and why I have said over and over in these short blog stories how grateful I am to sleep in until after 8:00! *chuckles*
So, feeling rested = happy momma

Happy momma = happy daddy
Momma and daddy can conquer anything together! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and it doesn't hurt at all that he is so handy.. So, what did we conquer today you ask?

A brand new toilet, just your basic blessing :) I actually posted on Facebook today how ecstatic I was about it because now I don't have to give my guests a brief tutorial on flushing the spare toilet by filling it with water every time you want to flush.. with the shower head!
Not only that, but Caleb and Ella and the guests are the only ones who usually use that toilet, and Caleb cannot reach the shower head, nor did he realize how important it was each and every time it was used.. he just thought it was cool that at bath time, when I went in there, I would have to "fill" before bath.. Anyways.. enough about that! We have a new toilet, Thank um and Josh for installing it!
Chipping away the linoleum to make way for the new throne! That is hard work when the linoleum has been in place 30 years and has 2 layers! Ugghhh.... It is going to feel good as we continue this project on through to the finish..tiles on the floor and a new tub..or refinished.. we haven't decided yet..

This is a picture of toilet we got for that bath..once the tub and tile is done, I will post a finished project.. that will come over the coming months...I think I will call it.... Trials of a Sugar Land Handy Man.. Er.. um.. Probably isn't the best of titles.. :) or how about Kennington's "Krazy" House Project weekend.. complete with a before and after of everything we have done in the last 2 years! Amazing!!

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