Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love is in the air

I titled my post tonight "Love is in the air" because as I began thinking about the past couple of days and reviewed the photos I captured I thought it was a perfect fit.

We spent the weekend in Kingwood with family celebrating the union of Chase and Erin Power! So first, before I begin, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to them. The entire event from the little pieces of planning that I got a glimpse of to the delicious dinner at Italianos, the actual wedding, reception and "After Party" were fantastic and you could definitely tell that "Love was in the air".

I thought that it would be appropriate to share the vows that Josh and I read to each other on our wedding day almost 9 years ago in Las Vegas. Josh and I eloped and were married at the Little Chapel of Flowers on October 21, 2000 at 10:10 p.m. Josh read me a poem that his great grandmother Ella Jordan wrote back in the 1960's....

What is Love?
<"Love is warm friendliness for those around, love is kindness that is true and sound. Love is understanding of weakness and strength, love is forgiveness at any length. Love is long suffering and deep to the bone, love is respect and solid as stone. Love is confidence in ability an and success, love is accomplishments, no more no less. Love is the greatest of all earth's treasure; love turns work from drudgery to pleasure. Love is contentment in the simplest of things, love is strength that guides us like kings, love is forever, a never ending stream. Love is true happiness, not just a dream. What is love? One may ever know... God is love...from him all blessings flow..em>

Mine were simpler, but none the less my heart on my wedding day...

"I met a man nearly two years ago, from that moment on a relationship started to grow..our plans were not always perfect, and things didn't always go our way, but we travelled the journey together to stand here now on this day. I love you because you are my best friend, my love and companion. You have goals for your life and you have accepted me as I am. I could not ask for more. So i promise from this day forth to love you unconditionally through good times and bad, happy or sad. I promise to stand by your side and give my heart and my hands if ever needed. I love you Joshua Kyle."

Even at this moment as I read these small pieces of notebook paper that have been folded a gillion times, and a little weathered from travelling with us.. my eyes well up knowing that even to this day, he still looks at me the same and we try harder every day to continue making this life all ours together, with God and our children. With the encouragement of our families we are reminded that a love that lasts through the good, the great, the bad and the ugly.. will be unfailing and at the end of the day..we have each other..

In saying that.. the second chapter of us, that I am sure will post about constantly, are our sweet treasures, Caleb and Ella Grace. Whenever we make our way out to see the Papa's, the uncles, aunts, and cousins.. these kids go crazy!
Sometimes Josh and I say..Oh my gosh, it's like we keep them locked up with no human contact..but are reassured by the grandma's and the Mema's this IS normal toddler behavior.. we are so blessed to have such a loving and warm family that let's us visit, sleep until 10 and that don't mind the antics that accompany a couple of VERY energetic kids..

Always a party at KK's house!

Especially when Grandma is there too...This weekend and I think on a couple of different occasions I referred to Sarah and Karen as the "queens". Over the past few years, I went through a major transition.. A wife-to a mother of one.. and most recently a mother of two.. For those of you who know KK Power know that when you come to visit you will not only get to partake in her delicous home cooking :) but also a foot mommies ALWAYS get special treatment like that..until one day I found myself pampering Hope in the same way.. Karen and Sarah saw this and at that moment I had "crossed the line" I was now one of the "women in the kitchen-drinking coffee with the adults and having candid conversations with them on thier level" guests..Each time we go.. Josh and I are reminded of "crossing over the line" It is a wonderful line and I love these two women!

This photo was taken at the rehearsal dinner for Chase and Erin at Italianos Italian restaurant there in Kingwood, which I might add has the best bread I have EVER tasted.. I think I ate 6 rolls that night and don't mind admitting I had 2 helpings of the pasta as well.. It is definitely going on my list of places to revisit the next time we are there..

Speaking of sisters..there is another Kennington favorite that revolves around Papa Kennington. It is an ongoing thing of course that started with Mema.. in fact I believe he made the comment of .. "look what you started Joanne!" (a.k.a. Mema) EVERY sister now is stating thier case of who is the favorite?? My active competitors.. only now is my time to say that I am not competing, because I got my picture with Papa by myself, which I intend to frame and put in my living room for all to enjoy..But, my active competitors..are Nicki and Chelsea :) I know for a fact that Papa just loves me the best because we had the Navy! We are both vets that fought for what we believe in..and have the right to put it on a license plate! Beat that SISTERS! HA! :) I love you Papa Kennington!
In closing, ya'll have a wonderful week and check out the rest of the photos on my facebook page!


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Nicki and Mathis said...

this is such a sweet, sweet post... other than that garbage about you being the favorite!!