Sunday, August 23, 2009

Uplifting Weekend

Well, Sunday evenings around our house are usually spent relaxing after a weekend of projects and/or travel. This Sunday is no exception except for the fact that Josh did the project and I travelled with the kids to one of our favorite places, San Antonio. I planned to make this trip for a few weeks for a couple reasons. One being, Hope and Hannah's school orientation for their new middle school was on Saturday and second, the "Bigger Than You Event" at the AT & T center with Max Lucado, Randy Frazee, Michael W. Smith and over 14,000 attendees. On top of that, we squeezed in a full 8 hour day, yes, 8 hour day of tax-free shopping at the Shops at LaCantara. I stuck to my budget, but was able to get a couple of pairs of shorts and shirts for my Disney World trip with Caleb in October. The girls really made out on school clothes and a few other extras..the sales were incredible.. lots of "buy one get one free" :) I like FREE! :)
We shopped after orientation for Hope. (Hannah had hers on Friday, but I still got some poses from her for my blog) :) Anyways, we picked up text books, spirit wear, took a tour of the middle school, looked for home room, inquired about Volleyball, Cheer leading all the while I snapped some pictures.. inconspicuously of course. ( I didn't want to attract any attention to them..I was the embarrassing sister ;) ) I think they liked it though! I thought you might enjoy seeing them.

After this of course was our 8 hour shopping trip excursion, which for some reason, I didn't get any pictures of. I did however get a few photos from this morning's amazing event! My God is an awesome GOD! It was incredible to see so many people together praising his everlasting love and grace. Caleb and Ella both were incredible considering we were in our seats from 8-12 noon.. I did get a few pictures of us waiting and a couple of the very end where everyone had a glow stick and sang "This Little Light of Mine" It was amazing to see the entire stadium lit up!


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Sarah Kennington said...

I had a GREAT weekend with you and the kids. So much fun!