Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a great week/weekend! My birthday celebrations began on Wednesday night..before I carry on and on about my birthday, there is something that I want to say first..those of you who know me.. know that what I am thinking right now is not..OMG I am 30! It is actually...
Anyways..*chuckle* Wednesday night, we joined Patti, Gary, Eileen and Jessica for Josh's "Alice Springs Chicken" on the Barbie! (That's how they say it at Outback) *chuckle x2* This was of course at my request.. and one of my favorite dishes that Josh loves to prepare for us on special occasions! :) I unfortunately didn't get any photos of the chicken.. it went straight from the grill to our tummies!! In addition to that treat, I also got to indulge in one of my.. wait.. let's be real.. my All-time out of this world insanely scrumptious desserts ever!! Yes, you got it!! CHEESECAKE..OK, anyways seriously I should focus!! Thursday, was my actual birthday and I spent it doing nothing really.. I wandered around Town Center and was so excited to discover Charming Charlies.. which by the way is an accessory heaven! :) I enjoyed lunch at Cafe Express with Jessica and the kids and carried myself right back home for a 2 hour nap.. :) If you ask me, it was the perfect way to spend my 30th birthday.. After all I had to rest up for the weekend ahead..
Josh planned a romantic night away at the Omni La Mansion Del Rio on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, one of my favorite cities to be! This was so much fun!! Here is my Omni Cupcake (rolled in Godiva Chocolate shavings and layered with like 10 layers of mousse)that was paired with the complimentary $150 bottle of champagne and our major room upgrade. (since our first other really awesome room had a view obstruction and construction going on right under our private balcony) Josh told the man that it was my birthday and our anniversary was in a few weeks and he was hoping that we could get something a little more private and pretty because..well honestly we paid for it! Well, one thing is for sure, NEVER HURTS TO ASK.. they not only accommodated us, they went above and beyond.. that cupcake was fantastic.. OK, so moving on.. dinner was fantastic as well. We ate at Rio Rio and strolled to the Alamo to get some night pics..
After our night away, there was another party!! WOO HOO! Did I mention how excited I was it was my birthday?? LOL.. I didn't get any pics of the dual September 24th party for my father and law and I (since we share the same birthday) but it was super fantastic! I also wanted to share the best compliment I got this weekend.. "30 looks good on you" :) Thanks Sarah!! That will stay with me forever!! I also had the sweet opportunity to spend some time with Hope, Hannah and Christen. This morning, we did decide to hit the road early because there were still weekend chores that were left on hold for me.. :) I am so blessed to be surrounded with love.. Thank you to all who sent their wishes and hugs from across the miles.. (Momma, Jim, Josh & Bea, Daddy and Ruth.) I love ya'll and hope you have the best week ever!!

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Danielle said...

by another party did you mean BANG BANG BANG?
lmao . love you. glad your weekend was sweet!
happy 20th! hahah yea i said 20