Sunday, October 4, 2009


As I sat down tonight to read through my blogroll and gather my own thoughts for what I would write for my first October post, I came across this and decided, these are the thoughts that I need to ponder on...what am I thankful for?? First off, I am thankful for Nicki Kennington and her wonderful blog that makes me smile..She was my initial inspiration for "bloggin" :) Ok, so on with my thought...

I am thankful today for my relationship with my sweet husband Joshua Kyle.

I am thankful today for open communication and honesty.

I am thankful for God's unfailing grace in my life and I am thankful for his protective wings when I am fearful of the unknown.

I am thankful for Kroger's mix and match items, as I have saved so much money shopping for groceries there :)

I am thankful for my children's laughter and loving sweet nature towards each other.

I am thankful for Live Stream video and Oak Hills Church.

I am thankful that God already has our life ordained and that he is in complete control of our intended move to San Antonio next year.

I am thankful for the oppurtunity to go to college and to have served enough years to have earned the additional 12 months of free benefits.

I am thankful that Caleb and I are going to Disney World together in just under 2 weeks, it will be a sweet time for him and I...

I love the way it makes me feel to share with you what I am thankful for today. These are the moments that I stop and say to is a great day to be alive.. it truly is.. thank you.


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Nicki and Mathis said...

Awww! I love you sweet sister. I'm definitely THANKFUL for you and your sweet spirit. Glad to know of your blessings!