Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday With Us.

Just making my weekend appearance.

It is Saturday, opening day of bow hunting season and guess where Josh is? Well, right now he is watching the UT game, however earlier he was in the stand with his bow. Oh how I love to sit up in that tree with him and watch the world come to life. Josh has been working so hard these last 7 weeks at the Police Academy that I had to support his decision to be away on this weekend for some fun.

I have had a great day. It started shortly after 8ish when I got out of bed for 10 minutes to grab my phone..Gabbed with mom for a few minutes until the kids got up. Made pancakes, eggs, and an appt. for Bonnie to get groomed at 1:30.

I thought I had plenty of time before our Chuckee Cheese party for my niece Aubrey, since I was convinced that her party in Pearland was at 3:00.

As I am cooking pancakes, I am scoping facebook, because I am secretly addicted to stalking people and their status just people..but my "friends"..ok so now that I have come clean on that one, I realized that Kerri's update said...Chuckee Cheese at 12! OMGosh..panic's 10:22 and I had less than an hour to get my entire morning and early afternoon activities accomplished. After contemplating cancelling the grooming..because I actually had to run to the vet first, I decided..nah..I can do this..
Long story short..I made it.. and only 11 minutes late! sociably late that is..I mean..on the way home from the awesome Chuckee Party, Caleb bit into a kit kat and started screaming! I almost ran off the road!

He lost his bottom they are dropping out like baby teeth I guess.. I was gonna say flies and thought that might be a little weird since we are discussing teeth..whatever!! LOL..When I pulled over, I looked back at Caleb and he had what I thought blood on his face and freaked me out a little until I got closer and realized it was the remnants of the kit kat..TG!!
So, tooth fairy has been by our house a bunch this last month and tonight is no exception!

Now, I am headed to pick up Bonnie and stop in at the grocery store...the kids have requested meatballs for dinner.


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