Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love Em & Leave Em

So, this post has been on my mind for the last couple of days, but I was not ready to unveil my love hate relationship with food publicly yet. Some of the hesitation has to do with my own insecurities of starting something new and falling out of the wagon but I decided that those are not the most motivating words that I could speak over this fear. So, here I am. It's day 6. I feel awesome. If you keep up with me on any form of social media that I have succumbed to, you know that I am quite active and don't have any qualms with starting a running routine, biking routine, morning walks, ect.. It is the snack attack that leaves my jeans lingering a little closer than they should on some weeks. Besides, I want to wear skinny jeans and leggings and not feel like Peg Bundy. Snack attacks make me crazy because it is never just a single portion I crave. Let's put this into perspective. Two..yes...two oreos are a serving. Not two rows. I know! I am thinking the exact same thing you are..if you are an oreo cookie (America's favorite cookie sandwich) lover you understand how I feel. So, for those, I had to love em the last week before my new plan and leave em completely alone (walking the other way in the grocery store) in one effort to not completely sabotage my plan. Besides, I am not ready to eat just 2 cookies right now regardless of what I write here.

Moving on. Day 6. Tomorrow is weigh in and the start of a rewarding weekly treat. The fruits of my labor. On a side note tonight as I reflect back on the last week. I have eaten more vegetable salads, vegetable pasta, seafood, sushi, fruit and little to no meat, sugar, and dairy. I haven't had one cup of coffee (not bragging about that, I love coffee, just have been drinking so much water and have so much energy, that I don't think about it) Don't get me wrong, I love meat, sugar, dairy, and coffee, but since day 3, my body has craved the green stuff and water. Josh refers to my food as "many different kinds of leaves, grass, and grain". Lucky for me their online website facilitates my recipe obsession as well as a daily tracker that links right to my iPhone. The site sends me tracking reminders which I love because sometimes I just get too busy at work to eat "forget". The best part, I really can eat whatever I want. I just have to love the one serving and leave the 2nd.

I know the results are coming and I can feel the energy coming back. Weight Watchers worked so well for me in Italy after I had Caleb. I went from 208 to 135 in about 8 months. So, I know it works and it is all about how hard I work and how focused I am in transforming my habits. I will occasionally post encouraging stories throughout my journey and hope that it speaks life to those of you looking to make some habit revisions in your life. Every journey begins with the first step.

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