Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rewriting My Story

It is time to write again. As I look back on the time I spend thinking about what I would write vs. actually writing it, I really could have had a few thousand pages written by now. Mainly journals that might transform into an actual story that someone could piece together at some point later in life. Sort of like the Clint Eastwood movie, Bridges Over Madison County, *LOVE* the movie and Clint Eastwood.. Anyways.. gosh my mind gets moving and it is time to spill it out. Here. Like this. 

I will start with my most recent journey. I will call it.. let's see.. (bear with me as I think out loud) Replenish-Replace-Repeat (too formal)
Journey.. (too yesterday's news)
Rewriting My Story (thank you MJ) 

Rewriting My Story
When I think of this phrase, the immediate things that come to mind are the things in my life I want to change because of whatever reason. Rewriting my story means taking an opportunity to open myself up to becoming a new creature of habits. Good habits. Healthy habits. Fulfilling habits. Happy habits. 

Exactly. Pick me. Pick Me. 
If I am seeking new good habits, there must be something that I want to replace.. which would clearly be a bad habit. Working this angle is simple because it is easy for me to understand about myself but also challenging. Not only am I giving up something I have connected with for so long, I am inadvertently creating something brand new and special. Just for me.  Out with the old, in with the new. 
Let's start with food. I have for years said to myself, "I want to focus" on eating smaller portions, or less sugar, or no fast food, or only organic.. and I want to do this because...

As you can guess, each time I started with "I want to focus" I see something shiny and eat it. A lot of it. And, well, here goes my sob story. Blah.. blah.. blah.. I gained 10 lbs. Blah..blah..blah.. I have a headache and zero energy and please yes.. I would like another bowl of ice cream! Why on God's green earth do I do this to myself you ask? Because, it is food. I connect with food. Or the joy of cooking it. Ok, fine, eating it.

End of story. I changed the approach to all of the above and instead of looking at the food as some emotional connection or distraction to whatever I was avoiding, I started looking at the source of what I need the food for. And that is the light bulb moment. Fuel. Food is fuel. So, why would I not fuel my body the right way to make it function the way that it is supposed to. 

Which brings us back to that "most recent journey" I referenced a few paragraphs back. 
For the past 2 months I have made several adjustments to 1st, my thoughts and conversation that revolve around food, but also the premise behind it. I have slowly (because everyone knows in my house that when I empty the pantry of all "edible" food as my children so kindly refer to it as) replaced certain things in my own diet and for the record, I have not lost my mind. I have also gotten back in the saddle at the gym. Exercising and fuel make me a better wife, mom, and person all together. I have also increased my water intake and started juicing fresh fruit and vegetables. Each time I consume another jar of juice, decline the 2 plate, or pass on the ice cream, I get a little bit stronger. This may seem silly, but it is no longer about weight. It has always been about getting back in a size 8.. Don't get me wrong, I am not too far off, but the size 8 means nothing if I feel like crap, sleep like crap, and act like a big pile of crap. 

Wrapping this up, I am not sorry I am a talker. And I always like to paint the vivid picture with my words.. in my story.

1. Habit forming takes 21 days
2. Good habits replace bad habits and are created by me
3. Cupcakes are delicious

There is nothing left to be said here except, yay me! Rewriting my story one day at a time. Just for today. 


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