Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Frugal For Fun

Frugal for fun...can you really be frugal and have fun? Hypothetically of course! Maybe I am just asking that because I like pretty things and being frugal takes away some of my comfort now so that I can enjoy the prize later! I positively have set a short term goal to try and find creative ways to save money and time aaaand still enjoy the world around me.

I know that with Caleb getting ready to start kindergarten in one year and daycare costs coming to a close for at least half of my children :) that if I am not careful, that money saved will be spent elsewhere before we have the time to enjoy it.. we have been talking about this for a couple of years now.
For those of you who don't know, the cost of outside child-care can be pricey- and I am not talking about a private live in nanny that does my laundry on the side, I am talking the typical clean, run of the mill (slightly above average but still on the cheaper side costs almost $20,000 a year) for a 1 year old and 4 year old, including admin. fees, school supplies, and throughout the year activities..I am hoping to cut that in half in one year from now.. hence the countdown to figuring out frugality just for fun! :)
I actually think that I do a pretty good job of keeping impulse spending down to a minimum. Josh actually laughs at me because my enjoyment comes every other Saturday or late Friday night when I get to grocery shopping A-LONE and is the only place I will spend $200 and not feel the least bit guilty about it. :)
I go through phases where I try to find new and easy ways to organize my time. The majority of my organizing junkie habits are tied to cooking, recipes, and finding new and exciting ways to mix up the dinner menu. And, like I mentioned before grocery shopping.. yes.. I know you are probably thinking "LAMEOOOOOHHHHHH" But seriously, when I got on the kick of clipping coupons, I ordered the paper, went to the corner store Sat. night for Sunday's paper and made sure to collect every paper coupon advertisement thingy that loads up in my driveway every week and mysteriously is wet and yellowed by the time I pick it up! (Not sure how that happens)
Most of the ways that I need to be careful about involve spending money on the kids..I always see the cutest clothes, the shoes (they grow out every 2 months) socks, and for Ella, it's "pretties", socks, shorts, shirts! Right now the kids are growing so tall and I know Caleb will be taller than me when she gets in middle school. Josh and I measure the kids on the pantry door, and he grew 1 whole inch in less than 6 months!
Anyways, I know that I still have a long time before I will have to deal with middle school days.. I am trying not to rush it ! I know I still have a few years to come up with a plan of action. :)
Well, I am signing off for tonight,it is almost ten and I can barely keeps my eyes open.

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Danielle said...

ohh so true about the freaking not guilt spending 200 dollar trip SOLO. I only shop for groceries solo!