Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August is already here and that means a couple of great things! Hunting and Christmas are just around the corner. As a matter of fact, hunting season opens in Luling on the weekend of September 26th. Seven weeks, 3 days and a wake up! I hope that it is really cold this winter, because although I cringe now at the thought of waking up at 4 a.m. and crawling into a wooden box waiting for the world to wake up all the while trying to figure out how to make one hand warmer (because when I am at Walmart the day before, I am in denial about how cold it is from the excitement) cover the area of a small space heater. Somehow I manage and when daylight breaks and you get to witness the earth coming to life, it is truly incredible. Not to mention the first sight of movement, the feeders tick, the armadillos start wandering around and crunching the leaves making your heart skip one beat..then you see the fawn..behind her the doe, and in the midst of fog and trees you can hear the huff and puff of the big daddy....It is an amazing rush! I had no idea, until I decided Josh was having a blast and I wanted to experience what he was...Now, I am hooked.
Josh sort of nicknamed me "Guido" last year though. :) (He said that I broke their kneecaps and let them get away) Without fail though at the end of the day, every hunter there reminded me of their faulty days and reassured me that this was all a part of the learning process. I had this problem where I would spot the doe, feel the rush, control my breathing, took my shot, saw blood and dust .. and never found the body. My anxious thoughts created a false sense of time and the 1 hour you are supposed to wait turned into 20 minutes and I found myself following a trail to nowhere. *frown* The first time this happened to me, I actually did make the kill, but the doe hid so well in the brush that not even a field crew complete with 4 wheelers dedicated for 7 hours could find her. About 2 weeks later, there was evidence.

The other 2 times that I took a shot, it was night time and again evidence was found later..so I decided to move to hogs instead of deer, in the hopes that I would be able to find success at this new found pass time that was actually really really fun! :) My first shot ever on a 130 lb hog was a quick one and dropped him! Talk about boosting my confidence! :) I was so excited that I decided that I was concentrating on them! I got every one I shot at....

Then, the day finally came, I took the shot and have the pelt to prove it! Thanks ya'll for the love and support :), thank you to my sweet husband for being patient with me and teaching me about the finer things in life--nature and realtree brand camo from "SheSafari" I am looking forward to this year's hunting season!!


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