Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Progress

This morning I woke up to the sweet thought of home projects. I am especially partial to them lately and am having a blast with Josh getting them accomplished.. It's almost like one day we made this mental list of everything that needed to be done and one by one the tasks are falling off the list and we are closer and closer to the finished product. I have to say that throughout this process so far, God has been so gracious and even the minor details like getting a counter top for $60 has proven to be a blessing for us. I think some of our hesitation on moving forward with finishing up some of the undone details of our home remodel has been due to thinking it would be way too expensive...

Anyways, I am incredibly excited about my new kitchen so far, Josh has worked his hiney off today and so have I, cleaning out Caleb and Ella's clothes closets and sorting for my GIANT garage sale I will have in fall.. Little by little junk stacks up and I just don't get it.. It's so funny because Josh and I always talk about the next place we will get and this will continue to be discussed until one day we win the Texas Two Step or Mega Millions and build a 3 story mansion in the hill country on a 1000 acres and live watching the cows, making crafts and hitting up the outlets every now and then. ;) But, in our next place, we are going to really take our time putting everything together as far as decor. .. I know I mentioned in my post yesterday that I am really taken by the Spanish style. The other style that is near and dear to my heart is Tuscany of course.. maybe we will do something Mediterranean.. Just thinking out loud. :)

OK, so here are a couple of pics from today's progress. Tomorrow is back splash tile and more paint.


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Nicki and Mathis said...

i am so impressed!!!! looks wonderful sister!!