Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kitchen Project

Quite a familiar site at the Kennington household! Projects that involve paint and tile. This time, we have decided to add a countertop to the mix. It all started one Sunday evening when I was going through some of the week's mail and came across some great Lowe's coupons. ( I don't know if you are on thier mailing list, but you need to be, they send some great deals and the flyers always say "For Builders" but they will let the average Joe use them too!) Also, with a DD214, they will give an additional 10% discount!! I love those who love and appreciate our service men, women and vets! :)

Anyways, I was bragging on Lowes and what a great store they were and how I just got another $25 coupon in the mail and Josh said let's go check out thier clearance section, which if you are a Lowe's lover, you know that it is awesome!!
So we decided to pack the kids up, and go. Two hours later we had completely outfitted our kitchen complete with a new paint color, much more neutral than the brilliant red that I loved so much for almost 2 years, but more appealing to a buyer's eye.. not everyone loves rustic red as much as I do! We also decided on great laminate countertops. We saved LOTS of money on these, because one, our kitchen is galley style so one 8 foot piece and one 6 foot piece would do it, and two, Josh can install! Yay me, if I haven't said it before **HAHAHHAHAHHA** I will say it now, I am one lucky woman to have such a handy man for my man!

Last but not least, for the backsplash, we are doing the all white subway tiles.. These are rectangular tiles that we will stagger (for those of you who are like..what the freak are subway tiles) with a dark gray and black chair rail about two rows up to pop the counter tops!

The new color really brings out the floors, opens the kitchen tremendously and looks lovely with our crown molding, which we already had in place..

Lastly, the other major addition to our kitchen, compliments of the home warranty is the new over the range microave, it's the 2009 version of the 1800's model we had (included with the house) that shot out flames from inside and nearly caught everything I nuked on fire! I love home warranty.. :) Anyone who has a home needs a home warranty!
Anyways.. I will post more pictures as we make some more progress with this project. This weekend, Josh and I are going to tackle it and get as far as we can... we have yard work to accomplish this weekend too, so stay tuned, I will keep you posted..


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Emily said...

Hi there, thanks for the super-sweet comment on my blog! I am now a subscriber to yours and am looking forward to getting to know you better. I am a bit envious of your kitchen. This Navy gig, of course, doesn't allow for many changes to our house. ;)