Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pictures speak louder than words...

Have you ever wondered why they say a picture is worth a thousand words? This past Saturday Josh, the kids and I went up to the Woodlands to see some of our close friends, we have known for years. Chanti (a.k.a. Sveden :)), Adrian and their sweet son, Julian....the original plan was an invitation to UFC paperview party for the boys and Splash Pad/Corona's for the girls which actually turned into Splash Pad (Photography Session), BBQ, a really cool game called "Catch Phrase" and of course a few Coronas .. UFC was on in the background and was recorded for a future date.. it ended up being 4 couples including us. After the kids played at the splash pad (neighborhood fun land), they ate and went to bed... the adults commenced conversation and the game Josh and I now intend to buy..

Anyways.. back to my original thought about a picture being worth a thousand words...check out only a few of the 166 pictures that Chanti was able to capture of our sweet children..I plan to blow several of these up and put them in frames for the kid's room. There are so many that are not shown here and most have a black and white version. Thank you Chanti for the beautiful can practice on us anytime!! :)


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Chanti, Adrian and Julian said...

Awwww. We need to get together more often!! I would love to practice on your kids any time! Love you guys!!