Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Although this picture was taken on another day, this is the exact same face that Caleb made when I asked him if he would be my running buddy. The unfortunate part of this story is that I only have a one seater jogging stroller and 2 children, one of which who is not quite 2 and the other who is nearly 5 and can play wii jog like nobodies business. As a matter of fact he sort of resembles the Tasmanian runner on at least a gallon of straight kool-aid..In saying that, he decided that he was going to run with me one night. Bless his little heart, he made it, the full 2.1 miles..there may or may not have been a little encouragement by myself and Ella Grace, of course sitting happily on her jogging stroller throne as Caleb and I huffed and puffed to the final stop, our street! Go Bubba GO!! YOU CAN DO IT... GO STRONG CALEB...GO!! GO STRONG CALEB... Ella: Bubbaubba go Bubba ubba... go...After we made it home, we both collapsed and Ella giggled as we laid on the lawn and high fived each other for sticking with it! I am really proud of my progress and twittered about my will to keep going last night.. I am not making a big deal about my new exercise routine, but will say I am determined.. Caleb on the other hand said to me tonight.. " I think I will walk with Daddy" :)

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