Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Catch Up

I had to open this with a Happy Thanksgiving and a pic of the turkey I made for our office party made of cheese and fruit! :) Gobble till you Wobble was the theme and that we did!

It's anything but a typical Friday night here as we get settled back in to what we will do over our weekend. But, before I go into that (realistically I will write about that next Wednesday! LOL) Anyways, we spent the last couple of days with our loving family in Kingwood. Dad and Sarah and the girls came from San Antonio, Mema and Papa from Longview and our sweet cousins from all around ... :) It was a feast of food, ping pong, rest, *little shopping trips, great conversation and KK's song by the fire (Let it Snow) place to celebrate a lovely "Christmas Presentation" for Mema and Papa. In addition to that we celebrated my sweet sister's birthday. Hannah enjoyed setting up her Ipod Touch today with Dad.. :) Happy Birthday sweet sister! I love you!

With all of that said, I am finally beginning to feel the creep of Christmas coming on and am looking forward to putting up our Christmas lights and getting a tree from the Houston Garden Center for our living room.

One thing I will miss this year is my parents and my brother and Bea, but maybe in February they can come and visit ...

Anyways, some other things I will accomplish over the next couple of days is putting together a project for 40 people (my first homeade Christmas presents) :) These will be shown sometime between now and Christmas.. I have't decided if I will reveal the finished project here or not, in case you get one!! :)

Other than that I better finish Josh's blanket I started last year when I taught myself to crochet.. the weather is beginning to really cool off and if Mema taught me anything about crocheting, it is to never start one in the summer, it's too hot!!

Unfortunately, we are not experiencing any snow flurries like Nicki and Mathis, but who knows that could happen too! It did one year before we moved to Texas and I think it made the news!!

A couple of sweet pics to share of our treasured moments over the last couple of days.. I have thought so much about us living in San Antonio again this past weekend and thank God for the journey he has given us today as he knows the desires of our hearts. Next year, I just may make it to 4;00 a.m. Black Friday shopping with some of the most important women in my life on 281 and still have time to make it back before Chico's gets picked over! xoxox *wink*

This past Saturday, Caleb had a "Green Week" on his chart and got to pick a treasure from my box, he chose face paint! I thought that I might be a little annoyed to do this every weekend, but he loves it and so does Ella.. and I absoulutely love doing it! Caleb wanted to be a rodeo clown and went to Gander Mountain with daddy just like this!

Ella was a kitty... who was ecstatic to get the front of her crib taken off.. now that she is potty trained, she can get in and out on her own and LOVES it! As a matter of fact, I have to say how proud I am of her at KK's, she slept on the big couch, Caleb slept on the little couch and they both did awesome! I love that they are getting bigger and able to be more self sufficient, I however am not ready for them to be grown and am trying to treasure each and ever second I have at this age..

Ella love that her Bubba can share too.. :) The two of them really are the best of friends.. I hope this lasts forever!

And lastly, I wanted to share this sweet picture of Ella and Papa. She spent a long time reading stories to him. She had a sweet connection with him on this trip to KK's and I thank God for precious moments like these.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We love you.

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