Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Virtual Classroom Experience..College for a "30 something"

The virtual classroom, I was skeptical before I began to research the benefits of a real credible online college degree program. Although completely virtual, the structure attendence and participation requirements allow me to feel as if I am "just working from home." The benefits are that I can write my papers, attend workshops and communicate with my 18 classmates via chat forum and as we all know by now.. chatting is something I do best, especially in an online forum.. :) Eh..humm.. I mean blog.. I mean.. ok, seriously though, I am really impressed.

The other thing that I am impressed about is my full-time status is going to allow me to finish my degree faster than if I were sitting in a classroom environment.. which by the way I am pretty excited to not have to do.. I can always take a break to giggle at Caleb or kiss Ella Grace goodnight and even watch a re-run of a TIVO'ed commercial that Josh rewound 3 times! LOL

I was writing a response tonight to a Discussion Question and thought to myself.. I am 30 and in college.. I know that is super queer for me to be so giddy about such a minimal experience, but most adults my age have completed and moved forward from their school environments..and are paying the bills now for it! LOL

What a blessing.. what an opportunity I have and I am thankful for it.


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