Monday, November 2, 2009

Marvelous Monday

It is indeed a GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE! :) Just posting that allows me an know.. the feeling where you go from "I feel just ok" to realizing that you have the choice to feel better than just ok! And all of a sudden you start giving yourself a pep talk and it ends with a Whew!! Yah.. that was me today and I know that it was the thought of time moving so quickly.. the months are flying by, Christmas shopping is about to commence and turkeys are about to be fried or smoked or shot.. :) (depending on who you are) * a little hunter humor there..

Ella is feeling much better today, she had a high fever yesterday and slept through church, in my lap at bible study, all the way home and in bed until 4:00..I prayed over her before she went back to bed after face painting ;) and she woke up this morning lively as ever. The preschool teacher in the 2's told me that Ella was ready to get rid of the pull-ups that she goes #1 and #2 on the potty and stays dry all day. And I know that it's a fact because I send her with 4 pullups every day and they are piling up. Since Friday, she has 8 in her cubby now. So, she has on the same pull up all day and the stars on the front are not distorted (tinkle stars that distort if you tinkle) Anyways.. I told Ms. Dolores that I am afraid I will jinx it.. at home she goes when she has to do #1 and on most days #2..but also with her, I haven't mentioned it one single time.. Caleb did it for me.. she says.. Bubba does it.. Ella do it! :) How precious.. so I don't know.. I might run straight to Target at lunch tomorrow and buy some "Dora's" for her to try this weekend..

Well, in honor of Thanksgiving being ... soon.. I wanted to end my posts every day in the month of November with something that I am thankful for this year.

"I am thankful for our new church family here in Houston, as they have truly embraced Josh and I and the kids and not only welcomed us but invited us to join them in their personal homes. It has allowed Josh and I to establish some really great friendship foundations"


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