Sunday, November 8, 2009

W.A.Y.F.O? Homeade Christmas Presents!

I am completely taken with all of the Homemade gifters-crafters-etsy-inspired individuals making a living doing what they love! I have spent a good majority of my free time today and into this evening skipping from one blog to the next retrieving ideas for my Christmas gifts this year. The Tuma family has taken a different approach with our "White Elephant" approach that is tradition. We drew names just like normal only this year, we are making homemade gifts and writing a Christmas blessing .. I personally thought this was a fantastic idea and took the initiative to start researching for my recipient today.. In fact, I have had a pretty good idea of what I might do if this became the concrete plan, but now I am not sure, because there are soooo many really great inexpensive ideas out there that are sure to be remembered.

Just doing the research today makes me want to run out to Hobby Lobby and start buying up one of everything to get started.. :)

In any case, this was my focus besides my paper due for school, which I completed and made Josh's favorite dish, cordon bleu since I know he was wiped from his hunting trip this weekend. :)

Before I sign off, I wanted to say I had a very warm conversation with my mom this morning at 6:30 a.m. and if you read this, I love and treasure you always. :)

Make it a great week!


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