Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing the Part of Momma..24-7

I have realized over the last few years that the role of being a mother consists of so much more than what I initially thought. A conversation between my sweet husband and I ignited a thought that I have pondered so much, maybe not just today as I sat patiently..ok impatiently at the pediatrician's office in pursuit of obtaining a prescription for Ella's pink eye...that later was diagnosed as a sinus/ear infection that built itself up and exited through her eye. (poor baby) :(

Sickness is not something that I deal with well, whether it is myself, my husband, or my children. I was raised to get up and deal with sympathy for the can't be that bad type way. So, my irritated attitude protrudes fiercely... well used to until I became a momma and decided maybe a tad bit of sympathy is warranted even if it is just the sniffles. :) Thank goodness I have chilled out about this because I believe it helps the weary family members that I care for when they are feeling under the weather. I have even recently been known to make special soups, allow children to skip school and let the laundry stay on the bathroom floor to tend to my most important ones.. my sweet family. I am not sure why I elaborated on this specific thought or part of my day today except to say that patience is a virtue and those of you who handle sick toddlers or husbands.. :) bless you for being there.. I thank God for the loved ones that he has placed in my care and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here is to a healthy happy 2010. I am focused on staying patient and giving slight.. ok all out sympathy when it matters most..even if it includes a cup of Campbells and a snuggie with cartoons on the couch until drifting to dreamland. These moments will not last forever, so I will make the most of them while I have them. *smile*

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