Sunday, January 10, 2010

Possibly A Productive Weekend...Maybe.. Maybe Not!

Well, I can say that I personally was productive this weekend. I finished the patchwork quilt I have been making, and found Josh's blanket I began crocheting last year.. (it was lost for a minute) :)

After realizing that we were not going to get the paint out this weekend as promised, I cheerfully crawled back into my pajamas and snuggled in for a weekend of just being at home. It was nice and like I said possibly productive.. well possibly :)

I did however finish a full resume and cover letter (homework assignment for my Business Communications class) which got my wheels spinning over jobs offered at the military bases ... stuff I qualify for ... so I did a little "pretend" application and applied some of the things I have been learning in school to "apply" for this job as if I were actually applying for it.. I am actually quite impressed with myself.. and had alot of fun doing it..

So, back to the painting project plans.. we decided to brighten up our room and bathroom since we don't have alot of natural light that shines through our home. Plus, with the bedding we got at Christmas is a nice shade of blue and brown which totally clashes with our gray walls.. :) Anyways the bedding wins and I needed an excuse to rid the room of the gray anyways.. Next project in line.. tile the kid's bathroom.

In saying all of that our next couple of months are going to be busy busy, but worth the end result and will feel fresher for spring..

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!


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