Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Re-Tracing My Steps ...From Ft. Worth and Back Home

Well blog readers, it has been nearly a week since the last time I posted and I should really be ashamed of myself since I have been just sitting around all day long eating bon-bons and watching re-runs on Nick-at-Nite, neglecting to post about our eventful happenings here in the Kennington household! HA- In case you cannot detect the sarcasm, I am here to tell you, we have been running, running, running.. and not in the literal sense because if that were the case I would probably have lost 5 lbs. just this week! :)

Seriously though, it has been quite a crazy last few days. As you know from my last 2 posts, I made the trek to Ft. Worth with the kids and dog to spend some much needed girlfriend time with one of my sweet friends Danielle. Long story short, the trip took 8 hours, Ella "choked" (translates to threw up THREE times, excorcist style.. not cute spit up) on the way and after the 47,000,692nd potty break, and only one Doubleshots Starbucks, canned coffee on hand (which I drank 30 minutes into the trip) I was wiped and ready for a break from the road and smell.

I was fortunate to have Dani at the other end waiting with clean clothes for the kids, a bubble bath for their bodies, and a washer for the "smell". Our fun weekend commenced right about then...

Friday, we made pizza with the kids-from scratch of course and I tried my hand at dough throwing like Luigi in Italy and ended up with a delicious mess of a pizza! It was so tasty, I ate almost all of it. :)

Also, this was the day that I was introduced to the infamous SAM MOON.. An accessory heaven, reasonably priced that puts Charming Charlies to shame! Apparently Dallas has the biggest one and the accessory store is accompanied by a clothing store, home store, shoe store, and some others that I can't think of right now. I didn't even go in, because I didn't want to be tempted to buy something I don't need.. you know like the accessory holders and adorable purse I found. *smile*
But, it is well worth a trip back if I can just organize my closet now and figure out what colors I need. :)
Saturday, we loafed and ventured out for a minute to the mall play area which apparently every family in Ft. Worth also was.. Caleb got kicked in the teeth, I almost beat up a 4 year old and after a cup full of cinnamon twists from Annies, we went home to eat! On the way home all the kids started crying because Dani and I told them Santa Claus was on the roof of the van.. It was only hilarious to us.. and probably a bad idea to come up with.. but what can you do after you tap on the window and pretend the sound was Rudolph.. oh well.. guess you had to be there. Definite lesson learned.. :)
Sunday, our trip home was less eventful than on the way up. We got home in enough time to get everything back in order from being gone for 3 days.. The rest of this week has been kind of a blur, Josh and I have had some allergy/sinus issues that have kept us kind of tired and heading for bed at "old married couple" hours.. you know.. 9 p.m. After all, it's a school night!

Speaking of school, everything is going great, I am super busy but well into my second block of classes. This block I am taking Essay Writing and Critical Thinking.. =time consumers..

Lastly, here are some pics.. hope to keep up with this better over the weekend. I know my post was quite lengthy tonight.. but I had a lot to say!
Make it a GREAT rest of the week!


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Nicki said...

I'm glad you put down the bon bons long enough to blog, Sister!! :) JK, but what a great post! I would love to hear more about that story with Santa on the car... :) You look beautiful in these pictures by the way!