Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 19th

So, today is Tuesday and I am feeling pretty darn great. It has been one of those feel good..IT IS A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE days.

After my routine start of a morning, I was walking out the door at 7:26, which as you know by now if you have read my blog for any length of time that doesn't normally happen..2 toddlers, 1 husband and a "me" are struggling to make it to the van by 7:42 at the latest. :) Anyways, Caleb stopped crying before school and has been one happy camper for the past month or so. (WAY TO GO CALEB) *nothing more than new school jitters I suppose..

So, then I get to work and get a text from my dad..his texts are especially important to me because he resides in Phoenix and I only get to see him a couple of times a year if I am lucky. But, none the less, he is quite the texting conissuere and does his best to "Keep Up With The Kenningtons" as often as he can either via mobile messaging me a bouquet of actual flowers from his garden at home, an actual Arizona sunrise (desert sunrises are amazing) or a Facebook shout out! This morning I got a red rose and a note that simply said, "Have an AMAZING day, Love Dad." So.. that is what I did.

I also had the opportunity to partake in some political discussion for a class today that was pretty interesting and educating. I am not a political person.. if I can create a stereotype for a moment...nor do I carry a strong opinion that I am educated enough to discuss.. up until now.

Because now I am in college and have recently realized that I have a really relevant voice and if I just take the time to sit back and read a little bit and wait for my brain to process, I can communicate my opinion effectively.. (also known as debate) YAY ME! I am so corny about obtaining my college degree, but it is so exciting to me to think that I am doing this.. on my own..and it is going to be glorious when I have that diploma!

On to creative stuff: I am currently working on a HUGE blanket for Josh, that began last year, that I lost and found and re-did like 6 times. I think I have it. Basic 3 loop crochet with brown and tan fisherman's wool. (Josh loves his expensive yarn) hehehheheheee hee.. it is a beautiful and really warm.. I also need to stop procrastinating and get back to my girl's club "Girls That Craft" created by Sveden and learn how to blow glass pendants.. which is what we are up to in the next couple months. :)

Other crafty stuff: I am going to make something beautiful for Lisa, she gets married on the 27th of next month. I am attending her wedding in Toledo, where I went to high school. I am not completely decided on what just yet.. but will keep you posted..

I think that is all for now. I hope that everyone is enjoying their week as much as I am..

Weekend plans: I am headed to Ft. Worth to see her-a long time friend from Sigonella whom I met when she walked into my house, saw a picture of my father in law and his sons and said.."Hey, how do you know Keith Kennington?" BAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I still make fun of her for that.. but anyways.. I am taking the kids to their house late Thursday after work and staying till Sunday. Should be great fun. 5 toddlers + 2 fun moms = GUARANTEED BLAST! WOOT!!

Make it an incredible week!



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Danielle said...

You didnt mention that I wasnt fat in that picture.... I was just 6 months pregnanT MUHAAAHHAAA