Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wow, so here I am thinking tonight that my blog has been neglected since the beginning of March when in reality I have created a bunch of different posts in my head, and am just now taking an opportunity to say, I am back! The picture I chose to open with is one from my vacation to the Grand Canyon. My dad and "mama" Ruth and my sister Rachel hosted a weekend in Phoenix for my brother, sister in law and I. It was the first time in a VERY long time.. well honestly don't recall the last time we had the opportunity do this.. that my the 6 of us spent some quality bonding time. It was a moment that will last till the end.

I have had many moments like this over the past few weeks, alot of the reason I have not sat down to write about any of them is because I was having too much fun!

I completed my finals for my Essay Writing and Critical Thinking classes, and attended the most powerful, impactful, unbelievably life changing weekend at Discover U Leadership in the Discover Communications class and Discover U Leadership 2 (Feeling the Fear and Doing It ANYWAYS) On top of that, I saw 30 something other lives changed that weekend and desire to share my excitement with the world around me continuously.. yes.. for those of you who know me.. even MORE THAN WHAT I ALREADY DO!! Imagine the possibilities!! :)

This next weekend Josh and I have a date night set with friends to go dancing. 2 step..I love my country man, I can dance him off the dance floor when electric slide comes on, turn on Hank Williams and he is all over it. I am a Texas "transplant" and have to say that I learned how to really 2 step from YouTube.. Yes.. laugh if you like, but it is what it is. :)

Ask me what the "stinky leg" is though. LOL, a great friend this weekend taught me the "stinky leg." Good ol' DU! Always, doing it up right!

So, amazing weekend, amazing couple of weeks, moving forward now with Easter weekend, that we are planning on being in San Antonio and spending some much needed time with our family. Mmmm and hopefully chicken spaghetti!!

Lastly, I have a new hair do! Wait until you see it.. I am so "Ellen chic" P.S. it is not the pic on my FB. IT is as spunky as spunky can get without sporting a mohawk!

Ya'll have a great rest of the week.
Most memorable quote of my week: "Quit telling your God how big your problems are, Go and tell your problems how big your God is"




Nicki said...

LOVE the update sister!! I want to see a picture of that hair right away!!! :)

Nicholas Lee Pelkola said...

Love Ya Shelly, Dad..