Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Else?

So.. what have we really been up to? First of all, it is spring time in Houston and it feels wonderful to have the consistent mild weather and sunshine. Last weekend it was not so spring like, but I chocked that up to Houston leaving winter with a bang! 30 degrees, windy, rainy, and super cold. But, none the less, God had a plan for that day and apparently it included being cold. :) It was still a wonderful weekend..

The weekend before last, Bubba Kennington came up for Josh's Master Mason ceremony in Sugar Land. He spent the whole weekend with us and it was nice to have company come this way. I got to cook and spoil the boys! Ella was quite enamoured with Bubba's guitar playing and Caleb loved that he was sharing his space with him.
Some time before that, Josh and I took the kids to the zoo and spent the entire day exploring Hermann Park, eating zoo food (because the french fries taste so much better there and they are not fattening either!), we rode the train and walked through the park. By the time the kids were in the car, it was literally a matter of seconds before both of them were down for the count. Typical situation, it was a great family day. Josh and I have not had the opportunity to spend a whole lot of time together lately because of our schedules. So, it was nice to be focused on that for an entire day! Let's see.. other than that, excitement is in the air around Caleb and his loose tooth! The first one! He is so excited and cannot wait for it to drop out of his mouth so he can celebrate when the tooth fairy leaves cash under his pillow. Apparently, the tooth fairy is strictly a cash operation. I tried to tell him otherwise and he set me straight! :)
Well, it is a fantastic day to be alive! I am grateful for the moments I have right now and am walking right through fear! What is fear anyways.. it's nothing but a mind game. Mind over matter! You choose.. feel the "fear" and do it anyways!! WOOT~

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