Thursday, April 15, 2010

Success is bliss! I have successfully cooked non-dairy organic/natural food for our meals each day for exactly 2 weeks and one day! Josh is looking great and has lost over 10 lbs already. No more stomach aches and I am feeling pretty darn confident about my skills as a natural chef.

I start my days with at least 4 whole fruits and sometimes a 1/2 cup of oatmeal. Throughout the day I will eat only raw veggies with Hummus or toast with organic peanut butter. For lunch..a whole bag of spinach steamed with mushrooms in unrefined olive oil. I will eat pasta or tuna/eggs on totally whole wheat bread..The thing that I want to highlight here is that Josh has made incredible strides and accepted the positive changes in our lives.. it has proven to show excellent results.. in addition the kids are loving the unique dishes I have cooked lately for dinners..

The one thing I really have missed is the mexican food and some of my favorite italian dishes. But, I am certain with practice and continued encouragement, I will find innovative ways to reinvent a tummy ache-less triple cheese burrito with extra cheese!! :) Probably not, but a girl can have dreams right?

So, moving on past that, I also picked up running a little ... thanks to those who inspire me... 2.6 miles each morning. I have run twice this week..I am focused on at least 3 days a week. I absoulutely love the way it makes me feel. :) My legs are REALLY sore!! But, no pain, no gain..

The kids had thier school pics made yesterday and I had them wear thier Easter outfits and their teachers told me the proofs are adorable! I have to wait 2 weeks..

Well, make it a great Friday tomorrow!!

"Your Jouney Begins With The First Step" - MJ

xoxoxo Shelly

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Nicki said...

Way to go on the healthy eating and running, Shelly! You are such a wonderful wife and mom! I look up to you sister!!! :)