Friday, April 9, 2010

Visualizing MY Reality

Bear with me while I visualize and dream of my "father of the bride house" somewhere in the hill country of San Antonio..or Boerne..or..someplace beautiful and green with large oaks and a fantastic white two-story with that Mid-Western or North-Eastern charm. My vision of this place is actually placed somewhere in Vermont. Realistically the closest equivalent I have ever found was in Kingwood Texas. This is the actual house in the movie, "Father of the Bride." I *heart* this house. When I think about building or moving or the movie Miracle on 34th street.. this is the house that I envision as a little girl wanting to have. Josh assures me that we can find a house with Spanish architecture that will suit my tastes of Southern charm as well as square footage. I sure hope so.. if not that is what a builder is for right?

For now, I visualize and create my realities. I have a Mighty God and I tell my "circumstance" every day.."CIRCUMSTANCE, MY GOD IS MIGHTY AND I WILL HAVE THE DREAM I ENVISION BECAUSE I HAVE THE CHOICE TO CREATE MY REALITY!" My "circumstances" don't usually hang around any longer than they have to when I start telling them how mighty my God is! :) It is re framing the original thought process of telling God all the time what and how big your problems or circumstances are. Start telling your "circumstances" how big your God is.. there is never any bad news.. just news.. you choose!

So, back to my visualization. I visualize myself basking away in my father of the bride home preparing to finalize the design of my bed and breakfast that will be the most successful world renowned establishment this side of the state line, and publish the story of my life "up till now", while creating the most impactful demonstration of positive and inspirational parenting techniques and teaching my kids to dance when the going gets tough and doing it all with a smile on my face and thanking you for joining me! IT IS POSITIVELY A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!


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