Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weekend Warriors!

Happy Easter from the Kennington's. We had a great weekend in San Antonio with our family. It was a jam packed weekend, but none the less as eventful as we all wanted it to be. We kicked off Saturday morning with my favorite past time, garage saling. :) This of course ends up being an event at my house in Houston, because if you are not the "early bird" you don't get the goods! At least not that $6 Solid Oak armoire that was advertised in the Thursday classifieds! So, in saying that, I was up with the kids at 6:00, showered and ready to meet those early birds with my sweet husband only to find out that the garage sale.. yes.. that is singular.. one garage sale in Hollywood Park started at 8:00. Plus, it was hidden, so we didn't find it until 8:25. :) I have great news though!! :) We got a really cool blue metal trunk that was priced at $20 for $8. I also got an old fashioned ice cream scooper and some mini bundt tins for $1. O! I am so proud. Besides that, Josh says to ironic you bought that ice cream scooper just 3 days after you announce you are not cooking or serving or housing dairy products in the house anymore! I chuckled and assured him that H-E-B certainly has taken his lactose intolerance into consideration and so has Whole Foods when they made an all organic, non-dairy version of his favorite classic vanilla ice cream! :) He didn't all.. :)*giggling to myself*
The other really cool thing that we did was get some pics with bluebonnets. I am embarrassed to say that I have never had the kid's pics taken with the bluebonnets. A Texas spring tradition. Remember that I am a Texas transplant and have been here just under 4 years now, so I am doing pretty good.. besides I have never been one to do things the traditional way.. let's re frame that thought...I love that I am a leader and "traditions" are just a less creative way of thinking. So, instead of saying that I am embarrassed that for the first time I got pics with the bluebonnets.. I am EXCITED that the bluebonnets were bloomed enough on Easter's Eve for me and my sisters to enjoy taking pics together! What a beautiful memory!! :)

All dressed up and no place to go. If you know me at all, you know I absolutely love going to Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. I have always loved the atmosphere, the praise and worship and Bibleland for the children. The overwhelming love of God and the Holy Spirit flow and linger in that congregation. It is diverse and the reward is plentiful! Praise God!! :) To him, I give all the glory!
As I was saying.. all dressed up and no place to go.. Oak Hills was so packed out, there was no seating.. at all.. none in the main, none of the green rooms, and no place to park. It was amazing to see that many people in that church. To make a long story short, Josh and I went and retrieved the kids from Bibleland and headed back on home to Houston. :) That was a very nice opportunity that presented itself and allowed us to join Ella in the van with her rendition of Amazing Grace and Bah Bah Black Sheep! IT's A GRREAT DAY TO BE ALIVVE!! AMEN!!
That about sums up the weekend, I packed Sunday night up with a 15 slide powerpoint on the Evolution of Business which I received an A on..ok.. an A+! I am so excited about my degree.. I will be to my goal in January of obtaining a why not get a 4.0 while I am at it!!
I know that everyone will have a fantastic day tomorrow and I look forward to hearing from some of the people that follow my blog! It has been nearly a year now and I want to generate some feedback.. so if you follow my blog, let me know! Give me a shout out!! :)
Keep smiling everyone!! It's the power you put behind that positive attitude that will propel you beyond your wildest dreams!!

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