Sunday, May 9, 2010

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I woke up to a quiet house. It was nearly 8:00 a.m. and I lazily opened my eyes to find that I had been left alone to sleep in today. It was glorious. Some of you might be saying.."8:00 a.m.! That isn't sleeping in" However, it is especially when it is garnished with a quiet house. No cats, dogs, kids, snoring..spongebob...well you get the idea. (don't get me wrong, I certainly do enjoy the comings and goings of a typical day) but today..well today is Mother's Day and it was heavenly.. I actually thought I might have still been sleeping!

As I laid there dazedly thinking what I might like to do next.. my door swung open and each person under 3 1/2 foot tall climbed quietly onto the bed and handed me a homemade Mother's Day present. This year is different than last because Ella is big enough to explain to me what she made. Last year.. daddy helped her and it was more like daddy made the card and it was "from" Ella..Caleb has been up to speed on homemade gifts now since he was 18 months.. he is a vet.. :) and waited patiently while Ella proudly handed me a plate of "balled" up tissue paper on a plate. It was a bouquet of flowers and the stems were drawn on the plate, the tissue paper was glued. Super A-Dorable. Caleb got me a certificate that said World's Greatest Mom! I know I must be in the running for many other moms in the world..but I was eating up my time with my precious angels who stared at me with different eyes this morning.. their genuine sincerity made me smile.
Josh had Denny's on his mind and we quickly moved toward exactly what he was focused on. Pancakes and sausage for some reason taste pretty good when someone else cooks them! The kids like the softball pancakes or.. maybe it was the syrup! :) Yep..probably the syrup! After breakfast we pulled up to CVS and I picked out a new polish color. Josh was going to bless me with one of his world famous mani-pedi shhhhhhh.....don't tell him I blogged about this... it is pretty adorable though.. he loves to paint my fingers and toes and does a great job!! The other thing that came up a time or two today was that it has been exactly 3 years since we moved into our house. Mother's Day 2007 my dad was here and we spent the whole day moving from the 1st Street house to our house. Wow..time really flies!! A couple pics of the kids from the start of our journey on Fernhill Drive.Ella turns 1.
This one is of Caleb..we spent a lot of time at Grandma's house back then and this is one of my favorite pics in Grandma's sink! :)
I look forward to seeing what the rest of 2010 holds for us. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there and Dads pulling double duty! It is a GREAT day to be ALive!


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Nicki said...

Happy Mother's Day Shelly!!!!! You are such a great Mom -- in a few years you know I'll be calling you for advice!! :)