Monday, May 3, 2010

TGIM! Catching up A-GAIN!

Wow, there have been several things happening around our house recently. The hustle bustle of finalizing home projects, school papers, kids pictures, out-of-town guests, my new "run at dawn" hobby...It's almost as if I have created some extra hours in the day to comply with all of the wonderful things that I have been working on.. This is not the case..however, I do love it when life is busy in this positive way, we are thriving together as a family and really enjoying these moments together. Spring is definitely in the air..ok...summer is definitely in the air. Today, we spent it at Surfside, a lovely little Texas sized beach that offers plenty of fun in the sun. Lisa and Jay are in town from Toledo, so we had to take them Texas sized off-roading in Josh's toy (jeep) and treat them to lunch at Saltgrass...On the way home, the air smelled like summertime..

Prior to today, like I mentioned earlier, there have been many happenings around the Kennington household. One of which was the home project, Demolition Bath..I am tickled at how it turned out. The only thing left is to install the light bars, and print black and white photos for my frames. Other than that, mission accomplished. P.S. To get the full effect, you have to come and visit. It is those who experienced that bathroom "before" who will understand what an undertaking it was to complete. Of course in the interim of sanding and wiping up grout, hence the beautiful dust looming on my floors.. (ewwww), I enlisted my kids in their world class foot massages that they fortunately only treat mama too.. I am such a lucky woman!! :)

My favorite part about the bathroom is the feel of a complete house. The work that we faced just over 3 years ago, I thought would never be accomplished. However, I am so excited about the feel of our guest bathroom and knowing that the last big project is done.

Joshua worked so hard over this past weekend..and I was putting the final touches on the bathroom paint, when I walked out to see why he hadn't answered me..he was taking a much needed RR time. My honey-do's are hefty, but rewarding! :)

Lastly, the week is just beginning and I am so excited to see what new opportunities will cross my path. I love this is my life...I dare to dream...IT IS A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!

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