Sunday, April 25, 2010

Demolition Derby-Project Bath

The best part about a home project is that I know the end result will be totally worth it. We have lived in our house nearly 3 years in May, and we had one last major project to complete (inside). I have to say that Josh and I have definitely invested some sweat into our house and him and I did it all by ourselves. We even painted the outside of our house with a 4 inch brush and 9 inch roller in one weekend + 2 touch up days. It is the only way to low and remodel... and hope to make a profit one day. :) So, back to the bathroom project...this is demo pics and one progress pic. This moment as I type, we are 3/4ths the way finished with everything..I spent the majority of afternoon with a trowel, bucket of tile adhesive and 5 boxes of 4x4 tiles....Josh has since moved to putting in the flooring for a change of pace..Tomorrow..or tonight, depending on if I can finish my graphs and statistic chart for my final project at a reasonable hour we will commence grouting!! I didn't want to post any pictures until it was complete.. but I am way too excited to wait. I am focused on finishing this project completely by Saturday night...Complete with paint and accessories! And as long as I have a vision and am focused that is what matters right??
#1- Demolition and clean up

#2- Brand new iron tub..(this was tricky getting it in..but as you can see.. we were successful

#3-Backer and tub tile

The white tiles actually have some texture to them..when you look at them from the side, they are wavy..The floors are neutral and walls are too, with bright white trim. The accessories and pics will be based on a vintage style (probably guessed that :)) complete with black and white photographs of the kids...

Well, I need to get working on my homework.. will post more soon!

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Nicki said...

Mathis and I are constantly amazed and what you and Josh are capable of! Thanks for sharing these pictures! Can't wait to see the end result. :)