Saturday, June 12, 2010

Updates Under Construction

Well Happy middle of June everyone! Wow, time really flies.. This might actually have to be my official 1st line of every post for the next few months! I find myself frequently analyzing the amount of time that has passed since the last time I updated my blog.. Oh well, in actuality, I do update my which automatically imports into my blog, so essentially I am updating..just not on any other happenings than what I ran that day!

First off, I am putting my blog officially under construction in the hopes that I will have the opportunity to navigate through the mountains of templates and background designs to give her a face lift.. It is time and so, readers..all 3 of you.. :) be patient with me, while I reconstruct..

To date I have a couple of is cool..however currently taking time management to a whole other level! I am taking Cultural Diversity and Environmental Science.. yes.. I know.. Thermodynamics who?? Ok, and a 2050 word paper on illegal immigration and or the ethics behind my opinion on whether this is acceptable for our country..yes.. research my friends.. I love citing my work!! :) *positive mojo come to me** Ok seriously.. whoever said University of Phoenix is not as difficult as your brick and mortar know the dorm living..sorority loving colleges that don't force you to teach yourself the theory of Evolution and Succession of Natural know who you are.. well, I have news for is challenging and I am excited to be a part of the select few who opt to earn their degree online..but will be even more excited when this block is complete..because as you all know that just means an opportunity learn something else!! :)*high five*

Let's see, this past week the kiddos spent the whole week in San Antonio and Josh and I got a whole week of restaurant dinners, late night movies, a happy hour, non-rushed work week mornings and quite a few complete conversations with each other that were not interrupted with.."yes.. I put your SpongeBob toothpaste next to the Kando wipes in your bathroom..and if i have to tell you again that the bathroom floor is not a swimming pool, you will be soaking the water up with paper towels one sheet at a time!" Laugh if you will.. this is true and amazingly refreshing! Life is as grand as you want it to be and as wonderful as you always hoped it could be..even we need a breather sometimes!! Thank you Grandma for taking the kids and thank you Josh for putting up with my sarcasm! :)

Moving on to some really cool news! I bought some new headphones today, they are the Nike Vapor and if you have smaller ears and love the wrap around headsets, these are for you! They are adjustable in every way and have stay put power all over them. This morning I headed out for a run and found myself going for the longest run I have been on so far..a 5.07 miles. Some mornings I run my usual route and feel as if I could keep this morning since I didn't have the kids yet, I decided to push myself..well..humidity rises with the temperature, even as early as 6:30 a.m. it is 85 degrees and 100% humidity.. I was sweating bullets by the 2nd mile.. however it was fine, sweat doesn't bother me! Around the 3 1/2 mile mark when I wanted my tunes the most to continue motivating me, my headphones kept popping out.. they would not stay in or around my I spent a good 45 seconds trying to maneuver them back on before I just decided to take them off.. I wasn't going to miss a fantastic opportunity to increase my pace because I could not hear something playing by Aerosmith.. it was so the first thing I did was find a new pair of earphones and they my friends are the BOMB!

Well, I am pretty sure that is all I have to update tonight! I am turning in and hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Remember to inspire! I AM!! It is a GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!!

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Nicki said...

LOVE all of these updates... school, San Antonio, running. You are amazing!!!!! :)