Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Conversation With Myself

I am certain now that I am turning over some new leaves...Not just one leaf either.. more than know me, GO big or GO home! :) It is almost like I am not completely satisfied unless I have 601 irons burning in my fire of life. I often take the opportunity to say that I am accomplishing some pretty hefty tasks..raising a family, building a career, inspiring the minds of my sweet children, pursuing my degree in Business Management and re-defining myself as an athlete.

I have been delving in a little recreational running here and there at the wee hours of the morning most days of the week (excluding Sunday) which I indulge in a little low key fitness like wii tennis with my sweet Caleb :). As everyone knows in order to become an expert at something, you just have to get out there and do it. Since I am an avid blogger too, I of course have sought out and researched a ton of blog rolls and websites that offer up the who, what, when, where, whys of running or being an athlete.

Prior to my Navy days, the word athlete was far from my vocabulary..even when I was in the Navy, I was on mandatory PT because I missed my run by literally one second! So, 5 days a week, even after a 12 hour shift, I donned my green Nike's and headed out with the boys for a run..It wasn't fun then..the drain of energy did not sit well with my "non-athletic" mind.

My body however, even then was transforming into fantastic shape and as much as I look back and deny the fact that I was ever very "good" at running..I kicked some butt at my pacing..which I figured was better than a 10 minute mile..Huffing and puffing at the end was typical..The mental was that I "had to" It was survival of the fittest then and it made me dread the day before if you ask me about athletics and running prior to my now..I would laugh it off and say..yes, I had to be in great shape, I was, and I could run..however..I did not enjoy it..

Re-Framed Thought of the Present:

I am so EXCITED to see what kind of transformation I will create in my mind so that I will enjoy running a marathon one day! Every thing that I have read and heard from fanatic runners that drink GU for breakfast is that it is all mental.. I suppose the athletic side of running is the enjoyment of getting stronger and finding endurance at the final stretch of any run..whether it is the neighborhood path at 5:00 am or the organized the 1st one I finished this past weekend..

Making the stride to accomplish something because of the deeper rooted reason of why I want to accomplish it in the first place was taking on the darkness..remember when I wrote about being afraid of the dark and that was my circumstance not allowing for freedom to run before my "real" day began? Yep..Conquered it..

Then, I saw a sign on a window that was begging for my participation and the conversation I had with myself was.."What??No way.. I run at 5:00 for fun where no one can see my form and no one can judge the fact that I am jiggling..yes.. I said it.. jiggling :)" However, despite my first reaction, I signed on the dotted line and conquered the finish line! Now with more motivation than ever to pursue my deep rooted goal..To be an engage in as many running activities as possible and to love it...not because I have to..but because I want to....

I am off now to purchase a Nano, so that I can sink my new Nike Pod..I will be tracking my mileage for accountability and will keep you posted on the progress.



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