Friday, July 23, 2010

TGI Friday

Today was a fun day. Josh and I took the whole day off together and spent it getting some things prepared for his journey through the Academy. Fortunately, the school supply list has been dwindled down now to a couple of duty belt accessories and actual textbooks. I remember how much gear I was issued when I showed up in Sigonella, and I tell you..that stuff is not cheap! Yikes! I am comforted to know that everything is really great quality and it will be used even after the Academy.

Another big change happened for Josh and I today. We purchased new phones. It has been a while since we have had a true family plan and so we had to do some serious research to make sure we were getting the best deal out there..Of course, I had a different idea of what practical was and Josh..well he wanted the Evo 4G. I am required to carry a data plan on my phone for business and there is no way I was getting anything other than the Evo (Josh suggested) *thank you Josh* once I saw it and experienced its features. Most everyone that I know has an iPhone and I have been used to the Blackberry, but I tell you what..I am hooked! This phone is a wireless router, gamer, telephone, camera, camcorder, iPod, calendar, endless apps for calorie counting, running, HBA, and well the list goes on.. it does EVERYTHING. It even has a kickstand on the back to hold it up so you can watch movies (free) or tv Disney channel for kids when they are in the car.. or True Blood for me when its late and I am zoning!! OMGosh.. I have welcomed myself into the real world of technology!

After we got our phones, we went to Olive Garden and spent a gift card that was given to us a couple weeks ago and sat across from each other uploading apps on our phones, commenting to each other about all the discoveries we were making.. I am certain that the 22 year olds sitting next to us were probably like.. listen to them old fogies, just getting their first 4G cute..LOL

Lastly, I excitedly went into Plato's closet and decided that it is my new favorite place to buy jeans. :)

Ya'll have a fantastic weekend!


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