Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vegas Wedding Weekend

Going to Vegas was a very last minute decision. I literally decided the day before that I would not be missing my brother's wedding. What was going to be a JOP wedding turned into a quaint chapel wedding in Las Vegas. (I am fond of eloping as that is how Josh and I were married..and conveniently we married in Vegas as well.. almost 10 years ago!) Wow...I haven't seen my brother or his blushing bride since last April, the last time that I visited Arizona and so I was really excited to let him know that I would be there..My first intention was to fly in at the end of the month and plan a Pelkola style shindig in his backyard complete with a DJ, Disco ball, and margarita machine..but it was not so great timing..I loved the quick and easy of it all..

We had a great time spending a couple of days just waking up in the same room and playing all day..doing not a whole lot of anything except eat, talk, nap, laugh..and plan a day for Josh and Bea. Breakfast at IHop, 12 a.m. sliders at the casino, 7 a.m. visit to Walgreens for hair color and makeup and everything in between..I am blessed and I love my family very all of our weirdness.. :)
Color scheme: Comfortable :)
Josh signing his certificate.. and do you want to know something else?? I got to sign as the witness! :)
I desperately needed to hug my momma.. I got to do a lot of that over the weekend..

Night shot of the front of our hotel..
Congratulations Josh and Bea..I *heart* you.

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