Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Tid Bits

So, I am sifting through my docs tonight and run across this picture of Caleb when we first moved to Texas. This was probably moving day! He absolutely loved that rocking "mo-mo" if you remember him ever using that word to replace motorcycle. At the time Josh had a mo-mo also which I am certain was the reason Caleb had his obsession with it. This picture cracks me up! I used to call Caleb Frank, the father from "Everybody Loves Raymond" because he had a "ring around the head" and it was (still is) curly red. :)

Anyways..random, I know..however precious..

Other news...I am free of classes until September 1st, which is so wonderful! I am half way through and have a 3.7 GPA. So, I would say that is pretty dang good! :) I welcome my break and plan on doing alot of other things during that time...

We are putting our house up on the market soon. Probably in the next month. Our intention is to aggressively price and sell and move into an apartment in either Richmond or Sugar Land and see what God does from there. Josh has to get through the Police Academy first and then we will
see what opportunities arise. Realistically, we will probably stay in an apartment for a while, it will be nice to not have the maintenance of the house while Josh is away. Although he will be able to come home every day..he will "eat, sleep, dream, and breathe" the Academy for the next 5 months. I would really like to have my huge garage sale by the second weekend in August. Purge and pack.. purge and pack! :) Nothing like a little summer cleaning around here!

Other than that, the usual is happening around here..Caleb is excited about Kindergarten and Ella is excited to turn 3. (Just 4 more years until she can get her ears pierced) *she really really wants them done*

Running is going great, and I am going to try Zumba out for the first time this Friday with some girls from work. *should be fun*

Looking forward to a weekend in San Antonio over Aug. 6th-8th..and spending some time with the family.

Have a great rest of the week ya'll!

xoxo Shelly

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