Monday, September 20, 2010


You cannot deny that this is the cutest dog you have ever seen! This is an Italian Spinone and my next dog. I have already named him Henry. Over the weekend, among our family randomness.. :), Josh and I were reminiscing about Italy and one of my previous jobs running the Stray Animal Facility while an MA in Sigonella. During the course of the year that I worked in that particular department, I received 100's of calls to respond to strays that were roaming the air field and housing facilities. The calls that I did not like to receive were the ones that came at 2:00 a.m. and usually involved the words emaciated, dying, or abused.. It saddens me now to remember. But, one night I received one of these calls and when I arrived on the scene. .There he was....

I had already named him "George" on contact. It was an Italian Spinone and he was probably 5 years old, but very sick. He was very underweight and dirty and looked as if he had not been loved on for the entire 5 years he was alive. I fell in love with most of the animals that I rescued, however I had already mentally set up a health plan of action, and a giant pillow next to my bed for George. Josh agreed and we scooped him up. This love story unfortunately came to an end about 2 weeks later when the test results came back and we found out that George had Leshmaniasis. An incurable disease that was rampid amongst strays on the island. I had to remit him to heaven that day.. Although this story is a tear jerker, I am really excited that Houston has Spinone breeders not far from where we live now..And even if I had to get one from Sicily, I would be fine with that, I still have many friends there.
So..anyways..we need another animal right now like we need a "hole in the head" as I can hear my mom say..but one day..we will have Henry.. I hope ya'll have a great week!

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