Saturday, September 18, 2010

Givers Do Gain

Not that I ever doubted the saying.."Givers Gain"..I just wanted to emphasize the point of Giving = Gaining. And not just gaining some material thank you or generic smile.. I am describing the kind of gaining that gets your motor running..your thoughts twirling...your emotions a kick in the pants..your heart beating..the kind of giving that gives you chills as you embark on the end result because you know it matters and in the end its about inspiring and changing lives...

This might not mean a whole lot to anyone..but it created an unforgettable weekend for me. I am a huge advocate of Discover Leadership Training. The program, the team, and hopefully soon, a night off at Spotlight karaoke..not my point... :) ...anyways..

Last weekend I had the opportunity to partake in the Giver's Gain program and attend one of their combo classes as an on team staff member. How awesome for me right? I got to spend the wholllllle weekend surrounded by incredibly positive people and meets 34 more individuals who are currently out in the world spreading sunshine vibes to everyone that they meet. The most incredible feeling for me was knowing that the end result was going to be phenomenal with this team and to watch the faces change every hour was amazing..

On that same weekend, a very special little girl celebrated her 3rd birthday. Sweet Ella Grace. Born on 9/11/07 at 12:23 in the afternoon. Little love was with her Bubba at Grandmas that weekend but came home donning her Hello Kitty everything holding 2 barbies and a pink suitcase.. :) Precious they are.. How they enjoyed being in San Antonio for that weekend.

Caleb is doing great in Kindergarten. He sure loves his recess! :) LOL I just attended the parent teacher conferences/open house and apparently Caleb is the only one who came home with a red on his circle chart since the 1st day of school.. the other parents almost seemed embarrassed for me. (and a little uphauled) However, I had this plan in my mind, because a great friend walked me through the scenario recently...with his advice..I moved forward knowing that my son was not seeing the benefit of getting any other color except for red..up until now..

Every day I walk Caleb 2 blocks to school and we talk about different things every day..the week prior, we would talk about him getting to purple (ultimate color/ultimate reward)..but every day he was still bringing home yellows. I realized that my approach was all wrong..he actually said to me that the reason he wanted to get to white (above yellow) was not to get to the ultimate prize or reach was because I wanted him to get there and he didn't want me to be mad at him! back up his friend that I told you gave me advice..yeah..he told me that was why Caleb was not moving forward..he didn't really understand the benefit..he just wanted to get to the next best color because he thought it would make me happy. And, since Caleb knows I love him no matter what..there wasn't really an incentive there! :) Wow..

So..back to this past week..starting Monday..I asked Caleb what he thought the benefit was of getting to purple by Friday..he said..I want to read a book in the treehouse...and then he said..but if I don't get purple, I don't see the benefit..I may never get to we worked out a reward system that includes hugs, kisses, art time, chuckee cheese tokens, and a dessert at his favorite restaurant..

I suppose that was a bit more of a story than I had intended it to be, is my life. :)

Josh..he is doing fantastic! I could not be more proud of him..he is a wonderful man, best friend, husband, and father. He is kicking butt at the Academy and taking names! :)

I am one proud woman!

That is the most recent final thought..Givers Do every way..Now go and Serve. It is a GrEaT Day tO Be ALive!!


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