Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Little Bit of This n' That...

As you all know I have been wandering around aimlessly these last several weeks without a concrete agenda or any direction as to what I am supposed to be doing from day to day...you know what I am talking about..just laying around the house in pj's enjoying my peppermint mocha watching Christmas movies and surfing Facebook!

PPPPPppppfffffffffffttttttttt! Whatevs! (yup, just used my best high school lingo valley girl voice and even made a visual aid with my thumbs in the shape of a W in front of my forehead)
It is all about the peppermint mocha though..for real! Ok..seriously...where did I leave off?
Thanksgiving - Now we are only about a week away from the 25th of December. That's pretty cool. The kids have printed, reprinted, and visited Santa to inform him that they have been on the nice list..
Santa confirmed and has verified my mailing address for the new bunk beds they will get for their room. :) I am actually really excited about those. The kids will find that turning their sleeping places into gigantic forts is what being 6 and 3 is all about! They have enjoyed sharing a room so much over the last year that I turned our 3rd bedroom into a guest/game room. Tonight, it stores my baskets of clean clothes. In between episodes of Miracle on 34th and Chevy Chase Christmas vacation, I turn over the laundry!! *chuckling to myself*
So, in no particular order I hung Christmas lights with Josh, hung out with Papa Kennington and ate pie at aunt KK's house, celebrated with Josh when he was awarded Top Gun for his Police Academy class, visited Santa and may or may not have wished I got my face painted like a reindeer, took in a brand new dapple dachshund puppy, named him Clyde (we already have a Bonnie..get it Bonnie and Clyde) *chuckle*, and finally took in a Winter's Eve Musical production at church...
Right now I am content. I have everything that I need at this very moment and it feels fantastic.
Life is good. Enough Said.
xoox Shell

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