Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love is Patient.

It has been a while ...again...since I have taken the time to sit down and catch up on my "blog-time" but life has taken me on a whirlwind rollercoaster ride over the last several weeks.

Throughout this time I realized that I needed to reorganize my priorities a little bit and focus on something that I have pushed off for a while..

2011 came in with a bang and I had the most amazing time with the Kennington's in San Antonio. The night was filled with laughter, games, food, and a little wine as we all relished in each others company catching up on month's gone by, what we thought we might score at the Dillard's major sale, and what our goals were for 2011.

I used to be a resolution kind of gal. Now, I really like to just refer to it as a goal and this year it was simple. For 2011, I am focusing on my family.

Work doesn't come first, chores don't come first, school doesn't come first, boo hoo drama and whatever else I have distracted myself with doesn't come first.

Josh and the kids do. So, I let go of school, stopped working late when unecessary, stopped making excuses about the chores, and started living! So good. :)

Most anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy nothing more than burning the candle at both ends..but I have done that and frankly, one lit end is great! As a matter of fact, it lights up enough of my world to see a lot of great opportunities to bond with my kids and support Josh as he travels through his journey of pursuing a job as a police officer .

Being together is what makes the tough bearable. I have really learned what it means to be patient while every step in 2011 is together...because I am focused on it.

A very positive thing that has surfaced since my focus is peace of mind, beautiful developing new friendships with the ones that I love. Not to mention, I have had the opportunity to enjoy grocery shopping and making my dinner menus again. :)

I am so greatful to have a man that has a heart of gold and two children that are healthy and rich with life.

Happy 2011!

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