Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bright Spot

It's after midnight, and my usual thought processes are gaining ground as I catch up on necessary "work" tasks while the rest of the world sleeps. Being up until the wee hours really doesn't bother me anymore, because I do some of my best work in the middle of the night. Call me a cop's wife if you will, a night-owl, or whatever tickles your fancy...but it's true.

I am in the middle of working on my part of a huge Corporate audit within the company that employs me, which is why I have succumbed to remain glued to my Dell tonight. At a stopping point now, and thinking about the rest of my day ahead when I will get a few hours of sleep and wake up to my sweet daughter nudging me to move over or to tuck her back into her own bed after her 12 hours of rest, has become one of my many bright spots in life.

It is often these days that I see just how many bright spots I have in my life and am so thankful for them. I have also come to realize that this did not happen overnight..

I have been asked on many occasions why am I so happy, what pill do I take on a regular basis to make me so dang joyful at 6:30 in the morning? Frankly, it's bizarre to me because most of the time when someone asks me that, they are obviously not labeled a morning person and would rather sulk around until they have consumed a pot of coffee and a breakfast sandwich to realize the sun is shining, the rain is falling, and there is so much to be thankful for!

This is my opportunity I think to myself..to give you an idea of a potential bright spot in your life..something that you can wake up and be excited about. Here you go:

My Jesus loves me
My family is MY family
My children are creative spirits
I am healthy
I gave up smoking cigarettes
My husband is happy about his job
I have a job
I have both of my legs
I am not in jail
My son is in the gifted/talented math program
My daughter wants to be a doctor
My son wants to be a baker
My brother is happily married with 2 children
My husband always says that he appreciates me as a wife and mother
I can hug my mom on a daily basis
My dad is a phone call away

I could go on and on and on and the best part about this list is it can never end. These are some of the bright spots in my life and I would encourage you to find yours. As a police officer's wife, I spend coutless hours hearing about the destruction of people and what they do to each other out of spite, for revenge, or for no reason at all, and I am overwhelmed with sadness for them sometimes because if they only knew it was just a matter of changing behavior, thought process, or getting to know God, thier lives could be so different.

But, it is just that,a choice to find the good.

If you cannot find your bright spot right away, start with a smile, be someone else's bright spot..it works! :)

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