Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time, Love, & Friendship

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, however my pictures are on an uploading fritz right now. My stories however are few and far between these days and usually contain a thousand words. This is especially true right now, because life is always happening, it never quits, and as much as I love that part of my being, I on some occasions dream of a 27 hour day. Of course I would probably fill it up with necessary "wife/mother/life" tasks and then wish for a 30 hour day, so I might as well take what God created. Amen?

A lot of updates to introduce to my blog over the next few days, as I focus on once again writing my family's diary, but one thought in particular is the message of time, love, and friendship. Going back to 2011 "resolution post", I concluded from it that I was going to spend 2011 focusing on my family and making them my number one. With our transition to a new city and frankly a new life, God has opened so many incredible doors for us. One big one is Josh and the transition of being an office  to a Police Officer for the City of Seguin.  His love of the military structure, people, service, and a small town were neatly wrapped in a black case on the day that Josh was sworn into the Police Department for our new city.

This is where we will raise our children and become established and even over the last almost one year since that day, I am still beaming with pride at the accomplished and humbled husband that I met 13 years ago.

Our children are excelling in their environments and love the small town atmosphere too. I hesitate to publish that city life as I knew it lingers only briefly when I look for a Starbucks corner or shopping mall within a 20 mile radius. But, I don't care. I love Seguin and I love Texas. Quickly replacing my Starbucks addiction with a warm cup of Keurig shared with a friend and an excuse to drive into San Antonio to gather the Kennington girls for a day of shopping at that mall I thought I missed so much.

There are so many opportunities for spending quality time outside planting flower gardens, taking drives into the hill country sunset, ten-o-clock sneak treats at DQ, and a "meet me on the porch" for a glass of wine event with my awesome friend Jenny.

Which brings me to the friend part of time, love, and friendship. Have you ever, even as an adult wanted a friend that was really your friend? You know what I am talking about..the kind that you can show up, just rolled out of bed excited about a new exercise plan walk and she hugs you and says how much are you going to make me run today?. Or the kind that gets just excited about junk shopping and organizing recipes as you do? What about the one that shows up on your front step with tears and says I just had one of those "why me" kind of days, wanna get a cheeseburger? The one that says bring your kids and lets just let them run wild...because they need those moments in their life too.. This is the kind of friend that actually found me. Jenny is simply awesome.

Even at 32, I have always wanted to connect with someone that I swear is a sister from another mister and I had no idea she would be in Seguin. Just another reason to love being where I am at this point in my life. These types of friends take time, they take love, and they last forever.

Sometimes along with all of these, you have to trust that you are in the right place. The place that was paved for you before you were even thought of. The road that God has paved for our lives is amazing. Tough-hell yes, alot of work-hell yes, rewarding--no doubts in my mind.

My 2012 updated resolution is to keep going and to go further than I have ever gone, to be the most amazing and passionate wife, mother, and friend that I was created to be. Life is great and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that I have to serve my God, my husband, my children, and this life we have been so graciously blessed with.

Make your 2012 AWESOME! I am.

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