Thursday, September 6, 2012

I will say again...Change is good

Excited for this change and already feeling the reward after 2 days on a new shift. Eating dinner together every night is a necessity after not for a year and a least half of the time..See, our family revolves around the life of one schedule for the most part and adapting to a day that starts at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 4:00 a.m. takes some rearranging and frankly sometimes an attitude adjustment. For now, those days are history.

A couple of years ago at this time, we were embarking on a journey we believed to be a blessing in our lives. We immersed ourselves in prayer about the changes that were about to happen, the scary steps that had to be taken to get to our outcome. I remember that during that time in our lives it almost felt like we were not in control of anything. As a matter of fact, if I was in control, this could have gone in a really wrong direction! Funny how I can reflect on that now and laugh about what a mistake I "could have" made.

What I mean by this encrypted story (ha) is that even though at the time you are not sure why you are experiencing circumstances, they are always for a reason. I was given specific direction a year and a half ago to sell our house in Sugar Land because we were going to a new town and Josh was going to be a Police Officer. I watched him take small steps towards something that he has always wanted. Then, as I watched him grow into his new undertaking (fulfilling his dream), I beamed with pride at the motives that God had for our lives.

When we pulled into our new town and found our new life here it was hard. It was hard to walk away from our own comfort zone but knew that if God brought us to it, he would see us through it. Josh continued to push for what he really wanted and I continued to be prayerful. Then, the bottom falls out. Right? Like a ton of bricks that hits you head on..the ones that go..Why are you here? What is my purpose? This isn't at all what I thought it would be like...right? These blogs lie! HA! It was like one day it all became real and the newness was gone, my mind started to fear for my children, for my husband, and for myself. What was our purpose because for some reason, this isn't at all how I thought this was going to go..

Maybe at that point I realized that my focus was wrong..and just when I run out of good news, God pops in and says.."I will say it again...change is good"

So, here we are. Going on a 2 year journey of a lifetime.. To some this journey might seem like nothing..the vets are saying right now that 2 years is nothing. But, for us, the transition changed our lives. We are just starting to feel grounded in the decision that we God made for our lives and we are finally ok with that.

If any other police officer's wife is reading this post, my encouragement to you is to remain focused on the great things in your life and the life that you have created up to this point with the man that you love. Doing everything that you can do to support a peaceful home will be enough to send him off to another night. Scary..sure. However, never too far away from God. Be blessed.

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