Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making A Transition

If your one of the two visitors that frequently make stops through the Kennington Casa to see what exactly has been happening, you have noticed that my posts are far and few between. Before I move into a speech about New Year's Resolutions, writing, how much I love to do it but don't, I will spare you. Instead, I changed my approach. In light of my transition, I gave my blog a new subname.."Just For Today".

The reality of this change is my ramblings rarely express what is really going on with the Kennington family as a whole and more about me. I know it will be much easier to find my outlet in a daily digest of my own words then try and sum up the happenings of my family's day. Besides, Facebook successfully embraces the candid moments I share with my littles and frankly, sometimes a mom needs a break. I am certain that my stories and photos will capture the faces and happenings of my daily routine from time to time, but my "Just For Today" releases me from any expectations on a full story of what I might have relased to my Facebook friends.

So, here I go. Embarking on a new journey. A new day. A new post. Happy Transitioning to me. Let's Celebrate!

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