Sunday, January 13, 2013

Past Introductions

Ok, now that we are successfully past the introduction of the new look, we can move on. If you want to read the archives, there are 177 of them for your reading pleasure.

The New Year came upon us quicker than I had anticipated it would back in November. It was almost as if there was a pumpkin on my porch one day and then all of a sudden my house exploded Christmas decor. Christmas lasts a whole 15 minutes (mom time), 3 weeks (family time), and 2 months (kid time), and then it's Happy New Year!

I used to be quite the resolution maker and after an attempt or two or thirty two, I decided resolutions are best accomplished when I am focused on it. Just to say, from here on out...blah blah blah..exactly. You get the idea. So, this year, I resolved to make no resolutions with restrictions. However, I did allow myself the opportunity to embark on a daily focus of health and sanity.

Yes. I said sanity. It is never too late to live happily ever after right? I am certain that if you know me at all, I have said this to you at one point or another. I even have the cute wall sign hanging above a collage of family photos in my home. (extra points for that, I know..) As a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend, I need as many opportunities for grace when it comes to my sanity as possible. *Can I get an amen*

What does this mean exactly? My days are filled with all kinds of excitement raising a family, being a wife to a police officer in our city, working an amazing full-time career and then fitting in a social circle is enough to bring me to the end of my rope sometimes. I am one woman. Not 14. I just keep reminding myself that being well is a choice, feeling well is a result of that choice, and asking for help is A-ok! Moving forward only slightly insane will still allow me to maintain my "Awesome" status. This is real life my friends. My real life and I am excited for you to accompany me on my journey this year. Being Well. Staying Well. For Me.

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