Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rewind Me Tuesday

Excuse my brief hiatus (new blogger word from a fellow reader) I was busy this last weekend. Saturday being the first day that Mr. Kennington was almost feeling 100% after his brief hiatus from work and life. Recovery is a daunting process for those of you man-readers out there that hate severely dislike recovering. Enough about that. Daddy is well and that is what counts. *Happy Face*

Back to Saturday, I spent a good part of the morning preparing for mother-daughter day... Ella started talking about this on Thursday and while I was quite content with her plans, I also realized, this is perfect because for once I didn't have a thing planned. Her idea of getting up at 6:30 fully dressed and ready to take on the day baking, cooking, painting fingers/toes, gluing puzzles, and playing dollies was brilliant.

We made it through the afternoon and headed to our friend Jenny's house for a late afternoon cooking session. Thank you Weight Watchers for letting me have 49 extra weekly points, because the homemade egg rolls we made were totally worth it! As a WWO shout out, I am down 9.4 lbs, and weigh in tomorrow morning for my next reward..

Sunday, we slept late, the whole house woke up around 9:00 and Josh says, let's go into San Antonio and visit Oak Hills today. See dad, Sarah, and girls. So, we did. It is always fun to make surprise appearances and of course enjoy our morning talking to Jesus at one of our favorite churches. I mean who doesn't want to hear a message about living a blessed life? Right? Ok. So, the day didn't end there, the kids were invited to stay the night at Grandmas. As always, I have a beautiful relationship with my in-laws and sisters and they absolutely love to bless Josh and I with taking the kids for a night or two ..or three to give us a break and soak up as much time as possible.. I mean..who doesn't love going to Grandmas? Josh and I were thrilled and even more so, because as I mentioned earlier, Josh was feeling better, which means we finally got to take out this:

In case you are not able to tell, I am thrilled about the newest addition to the Kennington Family. We call her Harley. And she is loved..very well loved. Josh and I got to ride into San Marcos eat a "kid-free" restaurant lunch at Outback and then enjoy the ride back. It has been several years since we had a bike as part of our woodwork..Sicily was the last time we got to go "two-up" and since then, both Josh and I have always talked about getting another one. Now that the kids are quite a bit older (Caleb was 6 months when we sold the last one)..we can enjoy the ride again..And what memories we will make together all over the countryside.

That's a wrap for Rewind Me Tuesday, stay tuned for more updates as this gorgeous week continues...

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