Monday, July 27, 2009

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

The difference about one year makes..almost none! That boy still loves his baby sister!!

Over the weekend, my children had a real photographic moment that shows truly the love that Caleb shows for his sister, Ella Grace. I do thank God for these precious treasures.. I cannot believe how big they are both getting. Ella is getting really good at saying words and her first sentence, was "Ay Bubb-A Ake UP, time go Simmin" Translation = "Hey bubba, wake up it's time to go swimmin" She recently is overjoyed by the word bicycle as well.. and when she sees one.. she says it.. 3 times in a row! It must be our way of teaching her how to pronounce words, in the "say it 3 times in a row" fashion.. There seems to be so many more things that I recall being "hard" for me as a new mom, that I find "easy" with Ella.. maybe it is the fall back of the 2nd one is always different, or girls are easier to bring through to age 2 than boys.. but I think it's running a pretty close call right now because Ella wants nothing more than to keep up with her Bubba!