Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Festivities

Right about this time last year we were rounding up the kids for holiday festivities which as I have mentioned in earlier posts usually start in the month of October. This is birthday time, anniversary time, Halloween, the beginning of fall time, and then right around the corner of course is Thanksgiving and so on.. I am sure you get the idea! Anyways, Caleb and Ella were not a burger and fries last year, this was a costume that Caleb got for his birthday. The other night in fact Ella re-visited the french fry costume again after we found it in her closet and although she filled it out much better this year, she was stuck like a mermaid and fell face first on the garage floor and broke her top lip open.. it was HORRIBLE! Josh had nightmares about her sweet face for 2 days.. We thought she broke her front teeth, but thank the Lord, she didn't.. at the same time that happened our door bell rang, and Cindy from next door popped up with some banana flavored popsicles!! What great timing. We got Ella calmed down enough to say .. "Ella fall down" owwwww.."Ella face hurt" and she proceeded to eat I think a total of 4 pops. :) I have NEVER seen a child put ice directly on an open wound.. but she would not have it any other way. Like I said though, thank the LORD she did not break her teeth..

Needless to say the fry costume became part of our garage sale toys and the hamburger is not far behind. Although it has not caused many casualties, it is getting too small to zip up on the side.

SOOoooooo Caleb is going to be a red power ranger and Ella a Gnome. ;) We are going to our church's trunk or treat on Saturday night and plan to coherse.. I mean encourage the kids to hit up the "chocolate lovers" trunks first.. Momma *HEARTS* chocolate :)

Shhh don't spill the beans..Other than that, our weekend is filled with none other than a bunch of real relaxation. I have actually considered keeping the kids awake until like midnight on Friday just so I can sleep in on Saturday.. It just sounds like pure joy... :)

Well, thank ya'll for stopping by! I will post pics of Halloween Time this weekend...



Danielle said...

Love ur blogs. Love shelly... but i really loive those costumes. can i buy them from you?

The Kennington Family said...

Yes you can. I will save them for you. :)