Friday, October 30, 2009

A "SPOOKTACULAR" Day at the Office

So, I am pretty certain that Spooktacular means a little Spooky and a little "Spectacular" *smile* Well, it was a GREAT DAY and indeed I am so thankful to be alive!! I am a costume junkie and love to play dress up when holiday appropriate.. the only one I can really think of right now is Halloween :) Since last year at the office when 3 ladies (one of which is my sister in law ;) ) put in place a party complete with games, prizes and of course COSTUMES.. I was really looking forward to seeing what they had in store for us this year..

They were Ghostbusters and we had a great turnout and mixture of a little of this and a little of that.. I personally rocked out an 80's Madonna (Desperately Seeking Susan) and won 1st prize! A Starbucks gift card!

After work, I had to rush home for my pre-walk/orientation to my first day of school, which is Monday, November 2nd. I am really excited about this opportunity, I know that I have already blogged about this a time or two, but wanted to say it again.. I am sooo blessed!! My first year is finishing up my General Education to get my Associates and then just under 24 months more for my BA in Business Management. I am ready to really take this bull by the horns and have the best after 30 life ever known!!

Well, since it is only 10:15, and the house is quiet, my belly is full and the kids are in dreamland.. I am going to go to sleep!! Happy Halloween Ya'll!!


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